Use Pop Up Stand As An Asset for Successful Presentation

Pop up stands are great devices which are highly useful in displaying presentations. The display stands of the company known as Express Pop Up gives the benefits of the model known as “quick fix” model which works on the system of graphic hangers which are incorporated with magnets. It leads to the linking of panels with the top frame using magnets without using plastic cups linked with a plastic pin. There are mainly three advantages of using the magnetic hanger as compared to the common mechanical fixings. They can be stated as follows:

- The panels are fitted at the top frame because the hanger made with magnets can easily pull the flush graphics more

- The assembly of panels are quite easy because they try to latch at the top frame magnetically

- The kits of hanging are quite impossible to rupture because of the absence of hooks which are able to get snapped off from the frame.

Procedure of assembly

The usage of same quality of aluminium tubing and geometry is used on entry level system even though the framework includes a black coated powder than purple colour of ordinary system. The assembly of the stand is very easy. You can buy this item and remain tension free. The framework of this display systems can be assembled with the help of few steps. Firstly the whole unit has to get popped up from the attachment. Next, the magnetic bars which are supplied with it are connected with the tubing. This is done by the contribution to the frame. After going through these simple steps you will become ready to use it for hanging on panels. This is started from one end working the way to the other time to time. Due to the magnets, the panels get easily attached at top frame and after that it sticks to that framework on each edge. This whole system takes a maximum of 10 minutes time to get properly assembled. A beginner may take some more time, but for a person who has used it several times can do it within no time because of practice.

The attachments

The pop up stands are supplied with several printed panels. They may also get a supply of nylon panels having various loops. If you purchase the display stand with those nylon panels then one thing becomes easy. The prints and posters can get fasten easily with the help of Velcro type fasteners having hooks with them. The printed display stands comes with several details on how you can send in your artwork whenever your order is completely ready. For the orders of pop up fabrics the colour should by specified by you properly so that the work done must satisfy your needs. While placing the order all the details have to be given by you. The kit comes with the following things

- A case bag

- 10 years of warranty period

- Channel bars made up of magnet

- Frame bag

- Several panels for side and front frames.

You will get several options while choosing a Pop up stand case for your Display systems and they are available in several colours.

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