Presenting the Sale For Maximum Results

The sales process effectively has seven steps, Prospecting; Approach; Qualifying; Presentation; Objection Handling; Closing; and Referrals. This article looks at the forth step – the presentation. It’s normal to be a little nervous whenever you do a sales presentation, however with our top hints for sales presentation success, you’ll be on your way to getting a great result!

Our hints for sales presentation success

First of all, relax knowing that you have done the hard work prospecting and qualifying your leads and determining your sales process. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to focus on the following when creating your sales presentation:

  • Create a value proposition: Central to your ability to convince a prospect to do business with you, is your ability to win them over with your value proposition. Basically, a value proposition is a memorable piece of information that your prospect will remember for all the right reasons. It outlines exactly what the overall benefit is when that prospect becomes a paying client of yours. What value they will get out of the business association with your company is what the value proposition is all about. Create a value proposition, rather than overwhelm your prospect with hundreds of benefits. They won’t remember hundreds of benefits. They will remember a good value proposition.
  • Focus on benefits: When preparing your sales proposition, write down all the benefits your prospect is likely to enjoy by doing business with you. This is essential in creating your value proposition. You can also list features that will equate to benefits for your prospect. In creating your value proposition and preparing your sales presentation, you must focus on the things your prospect really cares about. This will definitely increase your chances of securing the sale.
  • Emphasise your competitive advantage: Chances are your prospect has been in touch with your competitors. They may have already seen sales presentations from your competitors. This is why it is important to consider your position in relation to your competition. Emphasise your competitive advantage and answer the prospect’s question of, “why should I choose your company over any other company?”
  • Give your prospect proof and justification: Your prospect knows what your value proposition is, what the benefits of doing business with you are and what your competitive advantage is. Now it’s time to back it all up with real, solid proof and justification. Why are you so good to do business with? Back all of your great claims up with cold, hard evidence. It cannot be disputed and it will certainly be remembered – ideally for all the right reasons – by your prospects. Testimonials are great for this. It is important to prove to your prospect why your product or service is the best, how it can dramatically save them time or do whatever you claim it will do for them. Back it up with a process justification (explains how a product or service works to deliver value), a technical justification (proves your point with the use of technical instruments, etc) or logical justification (proves your point through reasoned argument).

Some other stuff it helps you to do!

We also recommend you:

  • Find out how much time you will have for your sales presentation;
  • Ask the prospect as soon as you arrive at the presentation if anything has changed since the last time you spoke, e.g. if they have had a sales presentation from a competitor since you last spoke;
  • Ask the prospect where they are at in the decision-making process. If they are yet to speak to other competitors, chances are they are not going to make a decision the day you present;
  • Try to arrange to be the last presenter – this way you can directly ask the prospect why they wouldn’t do business with you, since they have heard everybody else competing for the business;
  • Schedule another appointment if the prospect cannot make a decision as soon as you finish your presentation – you need to try and get another chance; and
  • Be yourself and be genuine – remember, it’s all about helping the prospect!

With these tips and recommendations, we’re pretty sure you’ll be well on your way to getting some fantastic sales presentation results!

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