Great Presents for the Man in Your Life

No doubt about it, men are notoriously tough to shop for! Some men either have it all or their tastes are just a little too expensive for the budget that you had in mind.

If you want to please your man, be it husband, father, boss or friend, here are some great suggestions that may suit him to a “T”!

For less than $50, it’s not hard to find a good looking tie. No man can have too many. Ties are never passé, and besides that, if it is good looking, it will give him a new, classier look.

If you feel like spending a little more, try buying him a pilot’s or a James Bond style watch. A large face watch means power, importance and control. This makes him feel like the captain of your heart, which he well may be!

If your man adores sports, sporting tickets for his favourite team or event are just the ticket! You may opt to get him seats for a Manchester United match or Super bowl tickets. Be sure to use a reputable ticket broker. Hotel accommodations may be part of the present too if the game is out of town. Wrapping the tickets can be another adventure, using outrageous packaging. The tiny boxes inside slightly larger boxes technique work extremely well here.

If he loves all things technical, why not splurge a little with a small laptop or tablet computer? Even if you can’t afford a new iPad, there are good used ones for sale on Craigslist or Amazon, so see what ‘s out there. Never mind if it’s the latest model, he will love you for it!

If your man loves to play games on the Play station see what new games have been released. This is a great idea if you are a kid; you will be able to afford to get your dad some awesome games to play with you. Try to find out what he likes, be it futuristic or adventure one, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones or Lord of the Rings are all options, here.

A larger screen TV is good for the man who loves to watch sports and movies at home. New TVs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you try to buy those that are being sold to make room for the very latest model.

An iPhone or iPad is another great choice. Apple still corners the market on the very latest handheld computerized technology, so if he doesn’t have one yet, he is sure to appreciate receiving one from little old you.

If he loves to read, the Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire will keep him up-to-date. These modern readers are very convenient to carry around without smashing the book pages in his briefcase. These are available on Amazon for less than $100. He will be certain to think of you every day when he opens it.

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