Energy Secrets That Can Change Your Life: Part 2 – The Power of Living in the Present

What if you were in a new city and I was on the phone giving you directions to my house BUT your radio was on full blast, the kids were screaming in the background, etc. How easy is it to clearly and unmistakably receive or even hear guidance around such noise? Yet every day we fight to sort the constant mayhem (much of it negative) from the clear positive guidance of our real selves as well as universal guidance.

We all have tapes running constantly from our past, minutiae from our present and thoughts from others in our work, home and public environment. HUH? This is a somewhat undiscussed topic even among LOA teachers.

  • Our thoughts are frequencies that are picked up by those around us: Depending on our past –we think these are “our” thoughts. THEY AREN’T (or they aren’t usually…..)
  • We are psychic antennas. Every minute of every day…you are transmitting YOUR thoughts and emotional frequencies to others!

So you can see why it might be an important goal to stop MIND CHATTER both from coming in and going out. Having a clear and quiet…a PRESENT mind raises your vibration and allows you to have inspired thoughts that are your own.

Hans King (a famous intuitive) talks about an exercise that he personally uses to clear his mind/check that his mind is clear:

  • Count 1…1….1…..1….1…. until you have a conscious thought out loud in your mind, as soon as you have a conscious thought count 2…2…2…2…, then go up with 3,4,5 etc. Stop if you get too high. Start over until you can cont 1…1….1….1… for whatever period of time you have set as your goal…say 15 minutes to start with.

If you will practice this exercise, you will find that your mind has quieted. Do you realize how much “space” you will have to create with a quiet mind? How alive and present you will feel?

On the flip side of negative mind chatter…comes positive mind talk. Once you have quiet, you are free to order your inner world however you would like. Yesterday I got up, looked in the mirror and said out loud, “You are amazing”. Here’s the thing…so are YOU…and you should be telling yourself all kinds of delicious statements like that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can you imagine what it would feel like not to hear the BUT…? Just silence…knowing your conscious and unconscious are both are your side in manifesting the best internal and external reality for you!

A brief note on fear. If fear comes up for you…don’t resist it. Let it run through you. On the flip side, you can decide to face your fears and do whatever you fear most. Fear can’t be an issue if you deal with it head on.

I have worked consistently on clearing negative subconscious blocks and self judgement accumulated over the years. There are as many ways to clear these as there are practitioners. Find one that appeals to you. Don’t give up until you are living confidently and fully in the present with no negative self talk or mind chatter!

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