Do MLM Recruiters Release Chemicals in Their Brains During Presentations?

We know that all salesmen are happy even euphoric after the sale. Almost like an athlete as he is in competition and can see he is winning and then after the competition when he has won. Is the Mult-Level Marketer the same as he anticipates signing up his prey?

In MLM, if the individual receives pleasure from the sales spiel and the close then most likely he is allowing this rush of chemicals to cause this pleasing sensation. This would be similar to a Christian witnessing to another through reciting his spiel or if a religious person does this by chanting, talking in tongues or if a young person does this by fantasizing being with another or choosing drugs to find that simulation of triggers causing the chemical releases or other releases which they come to like; then these types of things can lead to problematic issues.

Most Multi-level marketing folks treat it much like a religion; some say a cult. If these things are occurring in the MLM sales people then most likely these recruiters are releasing large amounts of chemicals in their brains during these presentations? This might explain why so many MLM people are so into and why some stick it out until one day they are finally achieve their goals, even when many of their friends leave them because they are not rational about their new businesses.

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