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Great Presents for the Man in Your Life

Jul 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

No doubt about it, men are notoriously tough to shop for! Some men either have it all or their tastes are just a little too expensive for the budget that you had in mind.

If you want to please your man, be it husband, father, boss or friend, here are some great suggestions that may suit him to a “T”!

For less than $50, it’s not hard to find a good looking tie. No man can have too many. Ties are never passé, and besides that, if it is good looking, it will give him a new, classier look.

If you feel like spending a little more, try buying him a pilot’s or a James Bond style watch. A large face watch means power, importance and control. This makes him feel like the captain of your heart, which he well may be!

If your man adores sports, sporting tickets for his favourite team or event are just the ticket! You may opt to get him seats for a Manchester United match or Super bowl tickets. Be sure to use a reputable ticket broker. Hotel accommodations may be part of the present too if the game is out of town. Wrapping the tickets can be another adventure, using outrageous packaging. The tiny boxes inside slightly larger boxes technique work extremely well here.

If he loves all things technical, why not splurge a little with a small laptop or tablet computer? Even if you can’t afford a new iPad, there are good used ones for sale on Craigslist or Amazon, so see what ‘s out there. Never mind if it’s the latest model, he will love you for it!

If your man loves to play games on the Play station see what new games have been released. This is a great idea if you are a kid; you will be able to afford to get your dad some awesome games to play with you. Try to find out what he likes, be it futuristic or adventure one, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones or Lord of the Rings are all options, here.

A larger screen TV is good for the man who loves to watch sports and movies at home. New TVs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you try to buy those that are being sold to make room for the very latest model.

An iPhone or iPad is another great choice. Apple still corners the market on the very latest handheld computerized technology, so if he doesn’t have one yet, he is sure to appreciate receiving one from little old you.

If he loves to read, the Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire will keep him up-to-date. These modern readers are very convenient to carry around without smashing the book pages in his briefcase. These are available on Amazon for less than $100. He will be certain to think of you every day when he opens it.

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Use Pop Up Stand As An Asset for Successful Presentation

Jul 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Pop up stands are great devices which are highly useful in displaying presentations. The display stands of the company known as Express Pop Up gives the benefits of the model known as “quick fix” model which works on the system of graphic hangers which are incorporated with magnets. It leads to the linking of panels with the top frame using magnets without using plastic cups linked with a plastic pin. There are mainly three advantages of using the magnetic hanger as compared to the common mechanical fixings. They can be stated as follows:

- The panels are fitted at the top frame because the hanger made with magnets can easily pull the flush graphics more

- The assembly of panels are quite easy because they try to latch at the top frame magnetically

- The kits of hanging are quite impossible to rupture because of the absence of hooks which are able to get snapped off from the frame.

Procedure of assembly

The usage of same quality of aluminium tubing and geometry is used on entry level system even though the framework includes a black coated powder than purple colour of ordinary system. The assembly of the stand is very easy. You can buy this item and remain tension free. The framework of this display systems can be assembled with the help of few steps. Firstly the whole unit has to get popped up from the attachment. Next, the magnetic bars which are supplied with it are connected with the tubing. This is done by the contribution to the frame. After going through these simple steps you will become ready to use it for hanging on panels. This is started from one end working the way to the other time to time. Due to the magnets, the panels get easily attached at top frame and after that it sticks to that framework on each edge. This whole system takes a maximum of 10 minutes time to get properly assembled. A beginner may take some more time, but for a person who has used it several times can do it within no time because of practice.

The attachments

The pop up stands are supplied with several printed panels. They may also get a supply of nylon panels having various loops. If you purchase the display stand with those nylon panels then one thing becomes easy. The prints and posters can get fasten easily with the help of Velcro type fasteners having hooks with them. The printed display stands comes with several details on how you can send in your artwork whenever your order is completely ready. For the orders of pop up fabrics the colour should by specified by you properly so that the work done must satisfy your needs. While placing the order all the details have to be given by you. The kit comes with the following things

- A case bag

- 10 years of warranty period

- Channel bars made up of magnet

- Frame bag

- Several panels for side and front frames.

You will get several options while choosing a Pop up stand case for your Display systems and they are available in several colours.

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Why Going With A Novated Lease Presents A Win-Win Situation

Jul 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Novated lease- the term does not sound like something you’d want to get familiar with, but it is to your own detriment not to look deeper into its meaning. If you’re an employer who wants to win over the best people as well as offer extra perks to your current staff, you’ll do well to find out how novated leases can help you inspire loyalty from your staff as well as boost your bottom line.

What exactly is this kind of lease and how does it work? Despite the unfamiliar term, it’s actually quite common in Australia. Basically, it allows the employer to make lease payments for a motor vehicle on behalf of an employee. The usual practice is for the employer to make payments from the employee’s pre-tax income. This effectively equates to the employee paying less taxes and receiving a pay increase. Since the lease is under the employee’s name, he or she is responsible for all other obligations such as service and maintenance, but in the event that the employee leaves the company, all financial obligations go back to him or her.

Most novated leases are worked into companies’ salary packaging solutions. A salary package involves an agreement between an employer and an employee stipulating that the employee is forgoing part of his or her salary in exchange for the employer providing non-cash benefits, hence its other name “salary sacrifice.” Car leases number among the common benefits that figure into these packages.

Novated leases benefit employees in such a way that they have a wider range of options when choosing cars to lease. Company cars are usually limited to certain makes and models, so the flexibility that novated leases provide is understandably more appealing to people who want to use cars that suit their lifestyle. Also, changing employers does not require them to give up that lease.

As for employers, novated leases mean that they are able to provide more employee benefits at little to zero cost. They also do not have to cope with the bother of providing, insuring, and maintaining company cars. Besides these, allowing employees more freedom when it comes to their vehicle choice presents employers in a better light, making them more endearing to their staff.

Clearly benefiting all the parties involved, novated leases are understandably a common provision in salary packages offered by Australian companies. It is but expected for an option that allows everybody to win to be very popular. If you want to be able to hit many proverbial birds with a single shot, novated leases are definitely something you should look deeper into.

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The Conversation – Planted In The Presented Moment

Jul 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

We are always having conversations, most of the time, with ourselves. Although we have a deep need to speak and be heard, there are few who can really listen and actually hear. Even fewer know how to speak their truth in a way that is uplifting and healing.

All of us want to be free of difficulties both in our lives and relationships. Yet, somehow we go on repeating the same conversations and same old patterns time and again. This is because we drag the past with us, are not able to experience a new truth in this precious moment.

There is only one way for things to be new, we have to be new. We have to look through new eyes, hear through new ears, open our heart to new possibilities. When we think the same thoughts, believe the same lies, grasp onto old dreams and old memories, we are keeping ourselves from truly experiencing all that is possible and waiting for us. Life is always new, each moment and each person comes in its own way, bringing something fresh, if we allow it to.

The first step in discovering how to have new conversations is learning how to be open and available to what is happening right now. Once we decide to do that, life itself helps in hundreds of ways. It helps us to see that nothing is ever the same, no breath is exactly like the one before, no one ever walks the same step again. No person is truly the same today as he was yesterday.

When we hold onto old grievances and expectations, we are not able to receive the many gifts that a person may be bringing us today. Yet, rather than let go, many of us hold on and cling to what was. This keeps both ourselves and others stuck in a fixed position, and keeps everyone in pain. We keep dwelling on misunderstandings and difficulties, rather than step onto new ground and experience the healing and connection that is waiting for us right now. When we are willing to let things be new, the solutions to our problems arise naturally. New responses and insights come on their own.

It is actually simple and natural to let life be new. Here is one short exercise for you. Simply stop a moment. Really stop. Breathe through your own nostrils, feel the air on your face, your feet on the ground. Pay no attention to the whirl of thoughts which repeat themselves endlessly. Let them arise and let them go, like a flock of stray birds, off to a far destination. Stay completely planted in the reality of this moment and the next moment will take care of itself.

Having a true conversation is a practice. Learning how to plant yourself in the present moment is the first and crucial step to it. As you start to practice you learn many ways in which the conversation takes place. The more you do this practice, the deeper it goes, and the more you are able to create a strong foundation for living a life based on well being, joy and wonderful surprises.

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The History of Making Quality Handmade Quilts Beginning With Early Europe to Present Day America

Jul 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Quilts have always intrigued me because of how each one is so different and unique and has special meanings to the person who quilts. So I did some research to follow the beginning of quilts up to the present time.

In Europe, they became common with the Crusaders. Supposedly, they wore them under their armor. Italy followed a century later making quilts and the most noted one is called the “Tristan Quilt” which is kept in a museum and a separate piece of it is held by a private party.

Now we journey to the USA at the turn of the 18th century. It was common for women to spin, weave and sew their clothing for the family. They made quilts of fine needlework. At the time, they were cloth quilts. Cloth quilts were made of “whole cloth”. There were three layers of top batting and 1 layer of backing. Together they made a design of flowers and birds. Some were made by a stitching around the bird while inserting the batting inside to define the shape of the bird. This procedure was called “Trapunto.” The “Broderie Perse” quilts are unique in that the appliqués are from cut motifs of fabric that is printed with solid backgrounds. This was quite popular in the 18th century. The fabric of this time period was called Chintz. These printed quilts were expensive even to those people who were wealthy.The bedspread was made of homespun cloth by cutting figures of birds and flowers into the quilt. The technique was beautifully done and used only on special occasions. Some quilts had medallions set in the middle with a motif of an eagle or a tree usually in a toile fabric. The borders surrounding the motif mostly were solid colors. Some quilts were made in “Block” style and were sewn together with a border to give it a finished look.

By the mid 1800′s, textiles became affordable to most families and quilts became very popular. Some quilts were made with salvaged cloth from making dresses. If you visit a Museum, you will see quilts made of a specific cloth.

In 1850′s, the Singer Sewing Machine Company made a way for families to afford sewing machines with installment plans. By the 1870′s, most households had sewing machines to make clothing and/or quilts. Some of the quilting was done by hand along with sewing machines. During the Civil War, quilts were made to raise money in support of the Abolitionists and to keep soldiers warm. They would sell the quilts at County Fairs to raise money. They were usually the finest handmade quilts with appliqués of beautiful designs and sometimes anti-slavery slogans were put on the quilts to make people aware of the cruelty of slavery. They were also made by women on both sides of the war to give soldiers warmth.

In the Northern states, women made small quilts cut from bedspreads to fit Army cots. In the Southern states where cotton was grown, it was difficult to quilt because the North had the factories to turn cotton into fabric. As the needs grew, women had to return to weaving in order to make bed coverings once again.

The mid-19th century things started to change. The Medallion and Broderie Perse designs were common. Textiles started to be manufactured on a wide scale. Women did not need to spend so many hours, days and months weaving and spinning their handmade quilts.

Later on, we have the Amish quilts with their bold designs and a variety of colors with stitching that was excellent. Quilts were brought here when the Amish came from European countries nearly 250 years ago. In the beginning, Amish handmade quilts where whole-cloth in solid colors. Then in the 1870′s, patterns and fabrics were designed according to their communities. In Lancaster, Pa. around the 1940′s, they were made of wool. In Ohio, they were made of cotton. Amish women were permitted to use their own creative ideas. It became a social time for the women to come together. They also began making quilts to add to their income and their quilts can be seen all around the world.

Nowadays, the quilts are generally used for throws. Quilts are sometimes used for wedding gifts and in fact, they are such wonderful keepsakes that they pass them from one generation to another. Baby quilts are also quite popular. If you do not quilt, you can always find places to purchase these wonderful quality heirlooms. Time has not diminished the love of quilts.

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Presenting Your Product

Jun 14 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

We all know the expression “you only get one chance to make a first impression,” well it holds true when it comes to presenting your product to your customer.

For starters, the last thing you want to do when a customer walks into your office is present the first product that pops into your head.

Before you present a product to your customer, you must first find out exactly what it is your customer wants and needs.

The first thing you want to do is introduce yourself to your customer. Offer them a seat and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Get to know your customer, talk about non-business subjects, this will take some of the pressure off of the both of you and make it easier to talk to one another.

Once you believe that you and your customer have found a comfort level, begin to evaluate your customer’s needs.

Start by asking questions to find out his reasons for coming in to see you. Find out what products he currently has and uses. And how much he pays for them. Find out all you can about the company he obtained his products from, and what he thought of the customer service he was provided with.

It is important to know these things for reasons of comparison.

Once you have evaluated your customer and have a pretty good idea of what his needs are, get ready to present the products you have, that you believe to be an ideal match to his needs.

But before you make your presentation, make sure that you are prepared. Have all the materials you need to make your presentation a solid one at your finger tips. Such materials would include, brochures and literature, not only to give to your customer, but to go over with your customer. Unfold the brochure in front of him as you discuss the product. Literature is also a good way to be prepared in case you are hit with a question you can’t answer, this will be a good resource for reference.

The point that I am trying to make is; Present to your customer a product you believe they will need. Your presentation should be based on the information that you have gathered from your customer during your sales session.

You could be the greatest presenter of products in the world, but if you are presenting products that customers don’t need, you’ll never sell a thing.

So be sure to evaluate your customers before you start presenting your products.

This article may be reproduced by anyone at any time, as long as the authors name and reference links are kept in tact and active.

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Do MLM Recruiters Release Chemicals in Their Brains During Presentations?

Jun 13 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

We know that all salesmen are happy even euphoric after the sale. Almost like an athlete as he is in competition and can see he is winning and then after the competition when he has won. Is the Mult-Level Marketer the same as he anticipates signing up his prey?

In MLM, if the individual receives pleasure from the sales spiel and the close then most likely he is allowing this rush of chemicals to cause this pleasing sensation. This would be similar to a Christian witnessing to another through reciting his spiel or if a religious person does this by chanting, talking in tongues or if a young person does this by fantasizing being with another or choosing drugs to find that simulation of triggers causing the chemical releases or other releases which they come to like; then these types of things can lead to problematic issues.

Most Multi-level marketing folks treat it much like a religion; some say a cult. If these things are occurring in the MLM sales people then most likely these recruiters are releasing large amounts of chemicals in their brains during these presentations? This might explain why so many MLM people are so into and why some stick it out until one day they are finally achieve their goals, even when many of their friends leave them because they are not rational about their new businesses.

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Presenting Gifts For Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

Jun 12 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Weddings are also a perfect time where gifts are usually presented. Generosity is being out poured to all the people involved in the occasion. There are pre-wedding gifts during the engagement party and wedding shower, and some more during the wedding day itself. One of the most important gifts during weddings are gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honor. They are known to be one of the wedding etiquettes that most bridesmaids follow.

What makes bridesmaids gifts and maid of honor gifts important? Although giving such gifts is not mandatory, however, it is a good gesture to show how much the bride appreciate her wedding attendants. The bridesmaids and maid of honor are among the most important people involved in a wedding. Their role and responsibilities are undoubtedly challenging, and they are expected to do all of those without any complain or criticism. Being a bridesmaid or maid of honor doesn’t only mean standing next to the bride at her wedding day, but also help her prepare for that big date. From choosing the bride’s wedding gown, booking reservations, to decorating the wedding reception, all of these are impossible to accomplish without the wedding attendants. These are the most common reasons why giving wedding gifts for attendants is very important, symbolize thanks and appreciation for their hard work to make the special day happen, and of course their love and care for the bride as a dear friend.

They truly deserve a gift from the bride, but what will she buy for her girls? Actually, there is no hard rule when it comes to gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honor. Some brides tend to pick out the same gifts for everyone, while others opt for individual items that are according to each maid’s personality. A bride may consider getting a number of bracelets for her attendants, or different items that reflects each girl’s personality. For example, a sporty gift for a sports fanatic gal, or an executive gift for a career woman. Individual gifts vary, depending on the kind of recipient they will be given to.

While the bridesmaids gifts are usually purchased at an equal price range, gift for the maid of honor, however, should be a bit more expensive or simply different from those that are for the maids. The maid of honor has a greater responsibility than the bridesmaids, that is why she’ll be given something different or a bit more pricey to set her apart.

Wedding gifts for attendants are unlimited. Shopping gifts for them is no longer limited at local gift shops, but they can also be found online today. There are thousands of online stores these days that offer a wide assortment of wedding gifts for attendants, from bridesmaids gifts, maid of honor gifts, wedding gifts for the couple, parents and other junior attendants, to small presents for the wedding guests. Among the most popular gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honor today includes personalized bridesmiads apparel such as monogrammed shirts, embroidered handbags, engraved jewelry, personalized cosmetic bags, engraved compact mirrors and so on.

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Twenty-First Century Baby Shower Presents – Baby and Pregnancy Skincare Products

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Baby showers are joyous occasions. A bunch of women gather to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. They drink tea or coffee, sit around and share motherhood experiences, and shower the expecting mother with gifts. The event itself is fun, and so is the shopping trip prior to the event.

Finding an appropriate gift is easy, finding an exceptional gift not so much. The stores are full of standard baby products, but that is not good enough if you really want to impress guests and ‘mother of honour’ at the baby shower party.

More and more boutiques selling baby gifts online are launching campaigns that promote unusual, yet highly desirable baby products. Some can actually be used as baby shower presents. Among the items listed on these baby accessory sites, shoppers will now also find quality baby and pregnancy skincare products. Liquid hand and body wash, lotions and soaps made from goat’s milk are currently highly in demand, as they contain proteins, amino acids and Vitamin A, which will nourish the delicate baby skin. Milk products also contain lactic acid, which will help to cleanse, exfoliate and soften the skin. They are great for babies with sensitive skin, psoriasis and eczema.

Skincare is something that should not only be applied to babies. An expecting mother should also be gifted with a selection of rubs, creams and lotions. Her body is going through tremendous changes, which will affect her skin. Tummy Rub stretch mark oils, for example, provide 100 per cent moisture and are full of Omega 3, 6 and 9. These oils – which are not really oily – will be soaked up by the skin immediately, creating a protective sheen. The skin will be soft and more flexible, limiting those dreaded stretch marks. These products are safe for mother and child, as they do not contain synthetic fragrances, colourants, paraben, xenoestrogen, phthalates, or other unhealthy substances.

You could also select an assortment of eco-friendly skin care products for the mum who cares about the environment. Quite popular are honey lip balm, honey & macadamia skin drink, organic body moisturisers, river salt & desert lime shower gel, and many more. These specific mother and baby products are perfect for all skin types, and can be ordered from various shops selling baby gifts online.

When selecting an organic travel pack, baby shower creams, and tummy rub butter, make sure that the products are genuine, and the online supplier reputable. Read as many consumer reviews as you can, and do not hesitate to talk to mums who have already used the items you want to buy. It is better to change your mind than to be embarrassed when the gifts flop.

To make your selection of baby shower presents sensational, place them in a decorative hamper or wicker baskets. Add some small toys like teethers and rattles, soft hand towels, and other practical baby accessories, wrap it all up in cellophane, and tie it all together with a stunning bow. Do not forget to add a wish card, as you do want the mother to know that this sensational gift hamper came from you.

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How The Brain Learns: Design Presentations That Audiences Remember

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

How does the brain process information and learn? If you give presentations then these tips may assist your audience to remember and retrieve information that you’ve taught. My notes were written while listening to a lecture given by Dr. Britt Andreatta¹. Her lecture is The Neuroscience of Learning.

1. Definition of Neuroscience of Learning: It is how the central nervous system & peripheral nervous system work together to create and retain new knowledge and skills.²

2. Research shows writing notes long hand or drawing pictures does better for memory retention than typing. It has something to do with the kinesthetic action of writing or drawing and the effect it has on the brain.

3. The hippocampus is divided into two halves which lie in the left and right sides of the brain. The organ is curved in shape.

4. The hippocampus is activated by the oral nerve, olfactory nerve and optic nerve when ever you focus.

5. The hippocampus is the data drive that records short-term memories and then pushes these memories into long-term memory.

6. Studies show, in a learning environment, where some people are distracted and checking their email that this impacts those who are focused. Therefore, before your talk ask people to avoid scrolling on social media or checking their emails.

7. Learn: The brain can intensely focus for 20 minutes and store information. After that it needs a break. Incorporate breaks into your lecture.

8. The brain likes to connect learning to something it already knows. Appreciative Inquiry: Ask people about an experience that they excelled at. This pulls up their successes.

9. Remember: First we learn then we remember. Five ways to do this are metacognition, word play, insight, social and music.

• Metacognition: awareness of one’s own learning. [In the course people were thinking of how they learn]

• Word play: Acronyms: What acronym can your audience come up with that helps them remember and recall what you are presenting?

• Insight: People gain more insight when they do their own research then when they are given all the information.

• Social connection. People learn better in groups.

• Music touches many areas of the brain. Find a way to incorporate music into their learning. [This is one of my insights. I would have people come up with acronyms put to their favorite song and share it with the group]

• Feelings: You are shooting for rewarding, slightly positive feelings.

• Retrieval: People retain better if they have a review of the information that they learned. They retrieve information better after sleeping. Sleep re-activates the circuits of what they have learned. The last hour of sleep is the most important. In the course they suggest waking up naturally.

10. Do: The trigger needs to be:

• Something observable that you can hear or see.

• Baby steps.

• The reward needs to be meaningful.

Things that you may include in your presentation:

• Games/playfulness

• Sharing with others

• Insights/”AHA” moments

• Quiz

• Light competition

• Bring gratitude, mindfulness and humor into your presentation.

Hopefully, some of these tips have resonated with you. Wishing you great success with all of your presentations!

1. Dr. Britt Andreatta is the Director of Learning and Development at

2. Neuroscience of Learning

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