Being Present: Can An Emotional Build-Up Stop Someone From Being Present?

When one is not living in the present it is going to be a challenge for them to focus on what they are doing. As a result, they could be more concerned about what is taking place within them than what is taking place without.

If they were working, it could cause them to overlook what they are doing, and this could set them up to experience problems. In the short-term, the might not notice what is taking place; but as time passes, this is unlikely to be the case.

A Rain Drop

For example, if one had a leak in their roof and a few rain drops came through, they are not going to be too concerned. There is also the chance that they might not even realise what has happened.

However, if these drops were to continue, they would soon see what is taking place. It would then be important for them to fix the leak themselves, or to find someone who can.

The Signs

Similarly, the sooner one pays attention to what is happening, the sooner they will be able to put an end to the problems that they could be creating. Yet all the time they are caught up in their mind, it is not going to be possible for them to do this.

There is the chance that someone else could point out what is happening before anything ‘bad’ happens. In this instance, it will give on the chance to bring their attention back into the present moment.


If this doesn’t happens, it might only be a matter of time before something brings their attention back into the present. They could experience a negative reaction from someone else, or their negligence could cause another to experience a setback.

It could be said that it will all depend on the kind of job one has, as this will play a big part in what the consequences are. When one has an occupation where they need to be alert, it could have a far bigger impact than if they were not in this position.

For Example

One could work as a cashier, and while it will be important for them to have certain level of awareness, they might be able to do to their job without being fully present. This could mean that some of the people they serve might wonder if they are thinking about the weekend, but that could be as far as it goes.

If one was working in the army or the police, for instance, it would be a lot harder for them to do their job. Through not being in the present moment, they could end up losing their life, among other things.


But without even looking into how one can suffer in their profession through not being present, they can also suffer when they are not working. They could find that during the times when they are having time off, they could still find that their attention is somewhere else.

One could be spending time with friends, their partner, or even on holiday, and they could find that they are unable to enjoy the moment. It then won’t matter what is taking place, as they won’t be able to embrace it.


Through not being able to embrace life, it is likely to have an effect on their energy levels. On one hand, it is not possible for them to embrace what life has to offer, and on the other hand, they are using their attention somewhere else.

The energy from their experiences is not going to be fully absorbed and a lot of energy they do have is going to be used by their mind. If their mind was being used to think critically or to reflect on something it would be fine; but this is not what is taking place.

A Waist of Energy

If they were to step back from what is happening, they might see that their attention is consumed by something they have no control over. For instance, one’s mind might be caught up on what happened in the past.

Along with this, it could also be going over what might happen in the future, and this shows that their energy is being wasted. For one thing, one has no control over the past, and the best way for them to create a fulfilling future, is for them to make the most of the present moment.


One could also be in a position where their life is not very fulfilling, and avoiding the present moment could then be a way for them to avoid pain. When this happens, they could imagine what it would be like to experience life differently.

However, all the time they do this; they are not going to be able to change their life. Instead, their life could end up getting worse, and there will then be no reason for them to live in the moment.

Being Present

When one is unable to live in the present moment, it is often said that they need to develop the ability to detach from their mind. Through observing what is taking place, they will be less likely to get caught up in it.

Based on this outlook, the mind is the most important area, and as they begin to ‘master’ their mind, their life will gradually change. While this approach may work, it might not be the answer.

Emotional Build-Up

If one’s mind is caught up in the past, for instance, it could be a sign that they have an emotional build-up in their body. The conflict they are experiencing in their mind is then a reflection of what is taking place at a deeper level.

Therefore, if there were to process what is in their body, they may find that their mind starts to settle down. Their inability to be present could then be seen as a defence mechanism that their mind is using to avoid the pain that is in their body.


This could relate to a loss or a number of losses that they haven’t mourned, and if this is the case, it will be important for them to cry out the pain that is within them. One reason why the mind is often seen as the most important area and the body is often overlooked could be because of how painful it can be to embrace the body.

When one is in their body as opposed to being stuck in their mind, it will be a lot easier for them to be present. But all the time one’s body is loaded up with emotional pain, it will be more or less impossible for them to stay in their body.

This is a process that can take place with the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group.

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